Current Legislation:

The Trade Marks Act of 1965
The Trade Marks Regulation 1967


Any person who claims to be the proprietor of a mark may make application to the Registrar of Trade Marks for its registeration. Nigeria follows the international classification of goods. An applicant must provide the following:

a) Name and address of the applicant

b) List of goods for which application is sought; an applicant may specify the class or classes in which application is to be made.

c) Bromide copies of the mark particularly when the mark is a device mark or colour is claimed.

d) Authorisation of Agent Form ( Power of Attorney ) simply signed by the applicant or its authorised agent where the applicant is a corporation. There is no need for legalisation or notarisation.

This form form can be downloaded HERE

Duration and Renewal :

A registered trade mark is valid for a period of seven years from the date of the filing of the application and may be renewed, at the option of the proprietor, for successive periods of fourteen years. A registered trade mark may be removed from the register for non-renewal on the apllication of a person concerned.

Remedy for infringement of a registered trade mark is available at the federal high court.

NB: Service Marks are now registerable in Nigeria

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